Dahlert brings healthy lifestyle to you

Poor nourishment and a lack of medical facilities have traditionally shortened human lifespans

However, people are not healthy despite proper nutrition and wide-spread accessibility to proper medical care

Cardiovascular Disease death rate48%

*WHO, Global Status Report 2010

Expected cancer death rate by 203060%

*WHO, World Cancer Report 2014

Poor dietary habits and living environments are the leading causes of adult diseases

Overweight and obesity caused by harmful dietary habits are the main factors for cardiovascular disease

0 %
Obesity in adults
0 %
Increase in obesity since 1980

*University of Washington, Health Metrics

What we need

Nutrition that keeps your body healthy

Phytonutrients (found in fruits and vegetables) can be represented as color, aroma and taste. Pytonutrients allow plants to protect themselves from harmful insects, microbes und ultraviolet rays. These substances also protect the human body from harmful substances.

What is the best way to enjoy healthy fruits and vegetables?

Dahlert slow juicer is the best way to drink more healthy and delicious juice by minimizing the enzyme destruction of each material using low-speed, low-heat extraction.